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Person centred planning - a real voice


Person centred support planning enables you to have choices and take control; your voice will always be listened to. Your support will be tailor made to help My perfect week 240 x 180you achieve your goals and aspirations.

A person centred support plan identifies what’s important to you, and what you want your support to look like.

The plan is where we start and where we regularly return to, so we know we are always following your choices.

We will work alongside you to develop a plan, and then again later, to review progress. Other people who are important to you may also be involved in the review process.  To find out how we use, store and retain the information you provide us, please read our Privacy Policy.

We use person centred thinking tools, to make it easier for you to decide the best way forward. For example, one-page-profiles help to make planning and working together that little bit better. For more information about the use of one-page-profiles contact us, or click on this link for inspiration.

For more information about Real Life Options services contact us.

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