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We are all unique. Everyone senses, communicates and thinks differently. LD588 345X213

If you have autism, you might be more sensitive to what’s around you - to sound or smell, or light or colour for example.

We respect differences at Real Life Options and will always support your needs and your choices in life.

You may want to learn new skills, take up new interests, go to college or simply meet up with your friends more often. 

Whatever you choose, we will work in partnership with you to develop the right support plan. 

We understand that you may prefer routines in your daily life; so if your support has to change (for example, if a member of staff is away), we will discuss new plans with you well in advance and share them with you in ways you prefer.

We aim to provide new and meaningful experiences tailored towards the person you really are. Our Managers and staff are trained in autism awareness, which helps us to continue learning and to provide you with the best support possible.

You can find Real Life Options accredited services on the National Autistic Society accreditation register.

Find out more about our services on the Your support page.

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