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Our ability to deliver high quality person-centred support is what's most important to us. The people we support deserve to have their support provided by skilled, knowlegeable and confident staff.Bob at work 489 x 421 That's why we invest so heavily in our staff - making sure they are provided with the right training to ensure people have A Real Choice, A Real Voice and the opportunity to experience A Real Difference.

As a new member of staff, you will receive comprehensive induction training, including:

  • our valuesandperson-centred thinking and all the key skills to do a great job
  • ‘on the job’ training – working with experienced staff, you can ask questions and learn more about the people you support
  • keeping learning logs up-to-date - remembering what you have learned and demonstrating skills to your manager

The learning doesn't stop there though. You will also be provided with specialist training - gaining greater understanding and new skills to improve choices for the people you support.  This may include:

  • positive behaviour support
  • communication strategies
  • autism awareness
  • completing formal qualifications to develop skills and progress your career

Have a look around the site, to understand more about what we do, find out about our vacanciesandwhat we’re looking for in new staff. You can also read some frequently asked questions and meet our people.


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